The Blasphemer's Crypt


  • Level 5+
  • Automatically given when entering The Blasphemer's Crypt and Path of Chaos is completed.


What is this place?! It looks like Ogrest's Cult has been using this crypt as a storeroom to keep all the things that cause trouble in Astrub.
Explore the crypt from top to bottom.




  • Sneaky Grambo!- You need to get closer to the Sneaky Grambo to attack him and win the combat. Beware, the chaos plants' attacks are very dangerous. Hide behind obstacles to advance safely.
  • TBC WalkthroughTBC Walkthrough 2
  • Third fight ends when Reaper Grambo is dead.
  • Even if you are dead, the quest will proceed to the next quest. You will dumped by them into Astrub Sewers and meet Donalangelo.
  • Previous quest - Path of Chaos
  • Leads to the quest Super Sewers
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