Xelor Spell Tempus FugitTempus Fugit

Class: Xelor
Unlock level: 7
Type: Attack

Element AirMedium
3Action point 1Movement point

2Range Icon

AoE:1-Cell Cross
"The Xelor attacks all his enemies in close combat, then teleports to the targeted cell. If his timing is right, the Xelor will attack after teleporting."


  • Teleports to the destination cell
  • On Tick: 2(29) Damage before teleport Element AirSmall
  • On Tock: 4(45) Damage after teleport Element AirSmall


  • Teleports to the destination cell
  • On Tick: 3(44) Damage before teleport Element AirSmall
  • On Tock: 6(66) Damage after teleport Element AirSmall

Spell Information

Note that without the special ability Temporal Waves the damage of tick/tock can not happen.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage00000
Tick 29152229
Tock 29152229
Critical Damage00000
Tick 313233444
Tock 313233444


  • "Tempus fugit" is a Latin expression meaning "time flees", more commonly translated as "time flies". It is frequently used as an inscription on clocks.

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