The Temple of Scriptures was located in Astrub at [-5,-5].

The temple contains two rooms, which are the Entrance Hall and the Seasons Room.

Players cannot see other players within the Temple, even if they're in the same room.

Players can teleport to the outside entrance of the Temple using the Teleport of Scriptures purchased from the Almanax Machine for 0 Almokens.

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Temple overview map

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Temple outside

Entrance Hall

The Entrance hall contains an Almanax Machine which is used to trade Almokens for various items.

The hall contains a library which has a book called "Strange Book" If you use it you will be transported to a specific place near the Temple.

There is a quest person reading a book in the hall named Jenry Hones, Sr. If your talk to him you will have 3 options of speech (Unless you're on a quest that includes him). Options: < Nothing, I'm leaving! > And < I need some information > And < Erm ... Kid, aren't you a little young to be watching over all these books by yourself? >.

Seasons Room

The Seasons Room contains four colored doors which match the four seasons. One door is open according to the current season in the server. Each room contains an Almanax Altar for Almanax Offerings.

  • Spring (Green)
  • Summer (Yellow)
  • Fall (Red)
  • Winter (Blue)

Temple exterior

The outside of the temple was changed to a small fraction of the size it used to be. Haven Bags can't be placed in places near the temple anymore. The area that is inside the fence is part of it.

The temple has its own Zaap and Boat

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