This template is used to create spell boxes and spell pages. This template is used throughout the wiki to generate many navigation boxes, tables and lists. Please fill every parameter as thouroughly as possible. The spell page will be automatically categorized and included in Navboxes/tables that use spells.


Filename of a picture of the spell. (You may need to upload an image before you can insert it.) Images should be named EXACLTY like their spell page (Capitalization matters).
Name of the spell (default is the page's name)
Class the spell is available to. Input Monster if it is a spell not used by classes.
The type of spell (usually Damage / Heal / Steal / etc).
The level at which the spell becomes available or the level it upgrades if it is a passive spell
Element (if any) of the spell.
Only input if it is a passive spell
The Level 1 effects of the passive spell
The Level 2 effects of the passive spell
The AP, MP and WP cost required to cast the spell.
The Range targettable by the spell. If it can also be can on self say so in Restricitions
If the spell requires does no require Line of Sight input no
The size and shape of the area effected around the targeted cell. The default value is "Single Cell"... essentially nothing beyond the original targeted cell.
In game description or flavor text of the spell.
Any additional restrictions on casting, such as a cooldown, or "per user" quantities. This section will not be displayed if the contents are blank. Use {{restrictline}} is it's linear, and {{Restrictcell}} if it requires an empty cell (in that order if both are present, then any further restrictions after).
The result the spell has on the effected cells/creatures.
The result the spell has on the effected cells/creatures, when a Critical Hit is scored. This section will not be displayed if the contents are blank. The format and layout follow the same rules as the normal "effect" section.

Usage Examples

 |icon=Spell Cra Homing Arrow.png
 |description=Homing Arrow deals light damage from long range. It can also be used like a proverbial kick or in this case an arrow in the butt to get allies to move aside so you can aim at your targets.
 |aoe=Single Cell
 |range=3 - 9{{WIcon/Gui|type=rangemod}}
*4 uses per turn
 |effect=*-{{WText/Scaling|8|80}} Armor
*-{{WText/Scaling|2|48}} [[HP]] {{WIcon/Gui|type=eas}}
*Caster{{WIcon/Gui|type=caster}}: [[Reach]]<sup>+10</sup>
*Ally{{WIcon/Gui|type=ally}}: [[Transparent]] ''(current turn)''
 |critical=*-{{WText/Scaling|10|100}} Armor
*-{{WText/Scaling|2|60}} HP {{WIcon/Gui|type=eas}}
*{{WIcon/Gui|type=ally}}Transparent ''(current turn)''

|icon = Osamodas Spell Mooing.png
|name = Mooing
|class = Osamodas
|unlock = 4
|type = Attack/Buff
|element = Fire
|cost = 4 {{WIcon/Gui|type=ap}} 2 {{WIcon/Gui|type=mp}}
|range = 3-4 {{WIcon/Gui|type=rangemod}} {{WIcon/Gui|type=no los}}
|restrictions= {{WText/Restrict|type=los}}
*1 use per turn
|description = The Osamodas uses Mooing to inflict Fire-type damage on his enemies, or to grant extra resistances to his Summons.
|effect = *-{{WText/Scaling|5|135}} [[HP]] {{WIcon/Gui|type=efs}}
*On summon {{WIcon/Gui|type=summon}}: +{{WText/Scaling|0|200}}% [[Resist]] {{WIcon/Gui|type=eps}}
|critical = *-{{WText/Scaling|8|202}} HP {{WIcon/Gui|type=efs}}
*On summon {{WIcon/Gui|type=summon}}: +{{WText/Scaling|0|300}}% Resist {{WIcon/Gui|type=eps}}
|aoe = {{WTooltip/Default|1 Cell Cross|{{WIcon/AreaOfEffect|type=cross1}}|position=left}}


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