[[File:State {{{1}}}.png|45px]]


Lvl. ?

This state doesn't stack

This template will be used to create state tooltips on items.


  • First value: State name
  • Second value: State level
  • Third value: State effect value
  • Fourth value: info or noinfo: If the state has a description or not (yellow description). Leaving it empty also works as noinfo.
  • There also is fifth value, but is used only as the second effect value for the Stasified state and can just be ignored anywhere else.


{{State|Bug Bag|1||noinfo}}


State Burning


Lvl. 45

State Stack

Burning inflicts fire damage at the end of the target's turn.

-12 HP at end of turn Template:I efs
Bug Bag
State Bug Bag

Bug Bag

Lvl. 1

This state doesn't stack

If attacked in close combat, +20% chance of applying Curse (Lvl. 20)
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