Tadbole Tree
Temperature reaction
Temperature Hot 25° Temperature Extra Hot 40°
Temperature Happy -5° to 25°
Temperature Dry
Temperature Cold -20° Temperature Extra Cold -5°

Tadbole Tree is a tree. These trees have very particular leaves, that look like the bigger version of the Pooplar ones. They have a very big trunk, unlike most of the trees around the World of Twelve.


A level 55 Lumberjack can collect:

Harvest Time to harvest
Tadbole Cutting Tadbole Cutting 3.0s
Tadbole Wood Tadbole Wood 3.0s
Oafish Tadbole Wood Oafish Tadbole Wood 3.0s




Chance to grow cuttings
Forfut 70%

Additional Information

When planting Tadbole trees, they may become Oafish Tadbole trees. This is a rare version that can be harvested, but not pruned.

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