Osamodas Summoning

An Osamodas summoning a captured Gobball

A summon is a creature created in combat by a spell, usually cast by a player or a monster.

This creature is usually allied with its summoner (the creature that cast the original spell), and will act in a way to benefit them. They are not directly controlled by the summoner. A summon created by a player will still be controlled by the game, in the same way as a monster, rather than directly under control of the player. This means that these summons will not always do exactly what the player wants them too.

Usually, if their summoner is defeated, then the summon will be destroyed. There should be a "Monstername summoned by Summonername" in it's name. If it doesn't, it'll still be alive even if the summoner dies.

The amount of summoned creatures a character can have active at any time depends on their Command characteristic. For Xelor's however, they need Command.

Class Spells

Class Spell Function
EniripsaElement FireMediumConeySummons a Coney
EnutrofElement NeutralSmallPhone a FrhendSummons Drheller
OsamodasElement NeutralSmallGobgobSummons a Gobgob
Element NeutralSmallGobupSummon captured monster
RogueElement NeutralSmallBoombotSummons a Boombot
SadidaElement NeutralSmallDollSummons a Doll Seed
Element NeutralSmallVoodollSummons a Voodoll
SramElement NeutralSmallDoubleSummons a Double
XelorElement FireMediumHydrandSummons a Hydrand
Element WaterMediumSinistroSummons a Sinistro

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