Summer Harness


Lvl. 0


This item cannot be traded
Summer Harness.png

"After soaking in the ocean for too long, your mount is starting to look like the little furmaid."

As petsmounts aren't allowed on the beach, make sure they don't feel left out by buying them a Summer Harness. Buy one from the Shop or get one as a bonus gift with any purchase of a Gobball War Chief!

Take advantage of these two offers to grab this colorful harness, which will put your Gobball in a summery mood and help it forget that it has to lug you around on its back for endless adventures.


These pets or petsmounts can be customized with Summer Harness:

Image Name
Gobball War Chief of Destruction.png Gobball War Chief of Destruction


  • Until Monday, August 21st 11:45 PM CEST: get the Summer Harness as a bonus gift when you buy a Gobball War Chief!
  • Until Friday, September 1st 11:45 PM CEST: grab one directly from the Shop for 3,500 OG!


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