Sufokia is a Nation that a player can join.


Sufokia Icon
Sufokia really knows how to keep its head above the water.

Our waters swelled in the flood and now there are even more Snappers in them. Things were ship-shape, though we found ourselves in deep water when the fight for free territories began.

The docile fishermen will have to rise and conquer new waters.

Sufokia: the archipelago where Snappers are king.

Come and reinforce our ranks!

Master Screech,

Official Archivist

  • Symbol: An Octopus
  • Colors: Purple and white


NameClan MemberMonsters in the area
Sufokia HeadquartersMaster ScreechN/A
Sufokia VillageJonk UssackPiwi, Rat, Bow Meow, Hoodlum
Tydal PrairieHugo TydalGobball, Hoodlum
Hanging GardensVan KooperTofu, Snapper, Hoodlum
Gutted PlazaFafahoffN/A
Terrana DuneBillon StroudGobball, Snapper, Albatrocious, Larva, Field Plant, Hoodlum
Fiery WalkSynosoreN/A
Unna BridgeViolet Cotton-SocksN/A
Turfo CanyonLarsenus WallaceAlbatrocious, Crab, Tofu
Jumpin' JungleKokogroKokoko
Steamulating ShoreFlighKralove, Shark, Mollusky
Wild Prairie none Wild Gobball


Sufokia Map

Sufokia Map

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