Stuffed Dragoturkey Recipe
Lvl. 0

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"With this recipe, you'll be inclined to shout obscenities, but will cook the most delicious roast Dragoturkey known to man."

On use:

  • Has the player read a flavor text giving a chef recipe.

A quest item for an Almanax Quests.


Given By

This item is given by a chef Clan Member during the Almanax Quests "22 Novamaire - Skank Hivin".

On Use

Skank Hivin's Stuffed Dragoturkey Recipe:

"You know why stuffed Dragoturkey tastes so good? It's because you put your sweat and blood into finding the ingredients..."

To make it, just take: -5 Chastenuts -1 Lauwel Leaf -4 Shallots -And a generous Hunk of Dragoturkey (of course)

Stuff everything inside (with love, never forget the love) and cook for 20 seconds.

Finally, chow down!

Mai-Tei Teisti

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