Spell Cra Storm ArrowStorm Arrow

Class: Cra
Unlock level: 19
Type: Attack

Element AirMedium
3Action point

3 - 6Range ModRange Icon

AoE:1-Cell Cone
"This arrow triggers a whirlwind capable of hitting several enemies at once, as well as potentially applying the Tornado state. Talk about winding people up!"
  • 3 uses per turn



  • -3(78) HP Element AirSmall
  • Icon CasterFlamboyant+10
  • If the Cra is Evasive:
    • extra -0(15) base damage

Spell Information

A coned shaped AoE damage spell, useful for hitting around corners. Creates Flamboyant statcks for the Cra and does extra damage if the Cra is Evasive.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage318334863
Evasive Damage036912
Critical Damage322416078
Evasive Damage0481215

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