Feca Spell SteamSteam

Class: Feca
Unlock level: 2
Type: Attack

Element WaterMedium
3Action point

2 - 4Range ModRange Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"As well as the standard attack, this spell can activate a Steam Glyph which gives a Shield to each allied target starting their turn on it."


  • Icon Fighter -3(87) HPElement WaterSmall
  • Icon Glyph Places Steam Glyph}0-200


  • Icon Fighter -3(108) HPElement WaterSmall
  • Icon Glyph Places Steam Glyph0-250

Spell Information

A basic water spell that deals damage, but has a minimum range of 2. When used on a neutral glyph it it gives armor to allies that start their on turn on the glyph. The amount HP that is given by the armor is increased by the Feca's water damage%.


  • 2-Cell Cross
  • Icon Ally At start of turn: Shield with 2(86) HPElement WaterSmall
  • Icon Glyph: 2 Plates

Spell Progression

Effect Damage324456687
Glyph Level050100150200
Shield HP216304458
Critical Damage3295682108
Glyph Level062125187250
Shield HP219375472

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