State Stasified


Lvl. 1-100
State Stack

Stasified players are sensitive to Stasis damage and may also lose WP.

  • At start of turn, 1(25)% chance of stealing 1 WP
  • Increases Element StasisSmall damage received by 1(50)%
    • Bonus doubled if target has matching resistances

Stasified is a State, with stacking.

Stasified effect

Has a chance to transfer 1 WP to applier of the state and increase Stasis damage received. The Chance to steal WP is 1/4 of the state's level and the damage increase is 1/2 of the state's level.

Note: The damage increase is additive, not final


Class Spell
FoggernautElement StasisSmallHeart of Steam
Element StasisSmallRay of Stasis
Element StasisSmallStasis Shot
Element StasisSmallStasis Strike
Element StasisSmallAynaloxide
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