Srams are a groupe of human with white hair and wear skeleton suit and masks. So what are those Srams hiding behind their mysterious masks? No one really knows what they have been up to since Ogrest's Chaos. One thing's for sure though, they're even sneakier than before!

A good mask is a must-have for all sneaky behavior - and nobody knows that better than the Srams! They can whip a loaded money pouch out of an adventurer’s pocket in a flash and run rings around enemies that step on their toes. In short, when the Srams come out to play, it’s probably better to stay at home…

Srams are assassins and become particularly dangerous when attacking from the rear. They can use their traps to manipulate the playing field.

Class Spells

The class spells available to members of the Sram class are:

Element Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element FireLarge
0 Sram Spell First Blood First Blood 2Action point Row AoE
: Damage, Weak Point+10
2 Sram Spell Torment Torment 4Action point Ring AoE
: Damage, Weak Point+20
4 Sram Spell Cold Blood Cold Blood 2Action point Damage, Heals based on Hemorrhage level, Weak Point+10
7 Sram Spell Bled Dry Bled Dry 3Action point Damage, Hemorrhage+1(25), Weak Point+10
10 Sram Spell Execution Execution 6Action point Damage, bonus damage and returns a WP if Weak Point = 100, + 10 %Final Damage if target HP <35%
Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element WaterLarge
0 Sram Spell Kleptosram Kleptosram 5Action point Damage, Weak Point+20, MP Loot
2 Sram Spell Rascalry Rascalry 4Action point Cross AoE
: Damage, Weak Point+20, Damage Loot
4 Sram Spell Theft Perfidious Attack 3Action point Removes Armor, Damage, Weak Point+15
7 Sram Spell Swindlesram Swindlesram 3Action point Damage, Weak Point+10, Dodge and Lock Loot.
10 Sram Spell Bloody Ripoff Ripoff 2Action point Damage, Bonus damage, heals, and returns a WP if Weak Point≥50
Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element AirLarge
0 Sram Spell Forceful Blow Forceful Blow 4Action point Line AoE
: Damage, Weak Point+20
2 Sram Spell Fear Fear 2Action point Push, if Icon Enemy: Damage, Weak Point+5
4 Sram Spell Wily Wily 3Action point Teleport, if Icon Enemy: Damage, Weak Point+15
7 Spell Sram TrickyBlow Tricky Blow 3Action point Moves away, if Icon Enemy: Damage, Weak Point+15.
10 Sram Spell Trauma Trauma 4Action point Damage, bonus damage and returns a WP if Weak Point≥50, +Final Damage% if a backstab attack
Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element SupportLarge
1 36px Invisibility 2(0)Action point
3(2)Wakfu point
Makes target invisible for 2 turns, Transparent
Sram Spell Shadow Master Shadow Master Passive +Backstab Damage%, +Final Damage on 2nd turn of invisibility
3 Sram Spell Scram Scram 3(2)Action point
2(1)Wakfu point
+MP, if Icon Ally: Can no longer be locked
Sram Spell Sramystic Sramystic Passive +Initiative, +Weak Point generation
4 Spell Sram Double Double 6(4)Action point
2(0)Wakfu point
Summons a controllable double that has it own set of spells
Sram Spell Sramulous Sramulous Passive +Lock, +Final Damage% when target HP<35%
5 Sram Spell Shadow Trap Shadow Trap 4(3)Action point Creates one of three different traps
Sram Spell Sram Reflex Sram Reflex Passive +Dodge, +Control, reduces AP cost of Stabber and Scram
6 Spell Sram Stabber Stabber 2(1)Action point
1Wakfu point
+Final Damage% during a Critical Hit or backstab attack
Sram Spell Sram to the Bone Sram to the Bone Passive +Critical Hit% based on Lock and Dodge

Other features

  • Archetype: Tactician, assassin, thief, trapster.
  • Unique features: Hemorrhage, Stealing, Invisibility, Traps.
  • Strike Power: Good at finishing targets off if has passive Murderer. Can deal great amounts of damage by utilising various mechanics that increase damage of certain moves, or by simply utilising "finishing" moves.
  • Team play: Quickly eliminating weak targets, chasing and crippling targets. Can reposition his enemies to give advantage to his allies or himself, can disable enemies using the Traps.
  • Combat position: Can position anything (including self) very well using Fog Traps, is able to jump straight behind targets using Willy .
  • Good targets: Weakened Targets. Tanks, especially if Sram utilises the Traps well. A good Sram can fight any opponent well.
  • Bad targets: A pure direct-damage Sram may struggle against sturdy targets.

Spell-branch features

  • Fire: Dealing damage in AoE, applying/absorbing Hemorrhage, Finishing targets off using Execute.
  • Water: Stealing characteristics from targets, weakening them and/or making the Sram stronger. Healing self with Ripoff and reducing target's AP using the Trap of Silence.
  • Air: Repositioning himself and enemies while dealing damage. Cusing high damage from behind and strong AoE damage in a line.
  • Support: Turning invisible, utilising a Double, boosting Sram's damage from the behind and making allies unlockable. Improving ally characteristics with Larceny and using traps to drastically improve mobility.


The Sram class, originating from the first Ankama title Dofus, was first introduced as an assasin class with close range and trap attacks. Some of the popular spells amongst the Sram of Dofus included: Mass trap, invisibility, double and lethal attack.

Preview spells

Ankama previewed a small selection of spells during the initial design period of Wakfu. Though examples of the desired shape of the class, most of these spells didn't make it through to the current version without some alterations.

Icon Name Element Short description
Preview PenetratingBlow Penetrating Blow Air This spell inflicts extremely powerful, thanks to a magic blade that appears on the Sram's fist if he hits his enemy from behind. It inflicts Air-type damage.
Preview HolyTheft Holy Theft Darkness This spells enables Sram's to inflict Darkness-type damage when attacking and to get a faith point from their target.
Preview Invisibility Invisibility N/A This spell enables Sram's to become invisible immediately. Their invisibility only lasts for couple of turns or until an attack or skill is activated.
Preview VileDaggers Vile Daggers N/A This spell increases the Sram's chance to provoke the "hemorrhage" condition. To casts this spell the Sram must be equipped with daggers.


  • The Sram class's full name is "Sram's Shadow"
  • Sram spelled backward is Mars, which refers to an inside joke in Ankama concerning the candy bar.
  • The name "Sram" is homophonous with the Malay word, "Seram" (pronounced as "Sir-rum"). Seram means "scary", "terrifying" or "horror". Although synonymous, the word Seram is only usable on things related to ghost, dread, the darkness or any other possibly malevolent-motive beings, that includes incorporealities, occulted and other transcendental things.
  • Sram`s are one of the 5 classes that have their faces completely covered. This counts for Sadidas,Rogues, Xelors and Foggernauts. Unlike Other classes though, their faces are actual parts of their body instead of masks or hair.

Image Gallery

Sram pose

Sram in-game models

Sram DofusMale

Original Sram class image of Dofus.

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