Spells are used during combat to produce a specific effect. These effects range from basic damage, to randomized effects that can be both beneficial or unhelpful. All spells are unique to their own class.

Casting a Spell

Spells can be cast on designated squares, depending on their range and effect. Spells usually have an AP cost, meaning you must have a certain number of Action Points in order to cast the spell, and once you cast the spell those points are used up for the turn. Some spells have an Area of Effect, this is shown by red squares around the cursor. Some spell also cost or only cost WP Wakfu Points or MP Movement points.

Passive Spells

Passive Spells are a type of spell which is simply "always on" whenever you start combat if you have them equipped in your Spell Deck. Each class various passive spells that are unlocked as their level increases and upgraded to their second level 100 levels after they are unlocked. (i.e. If a passive is unlocked at lv. 40 the second level of the passive will be unlocked at lv. 140)


Each class has 15 unique Elemental Spells 5 from 3 different elements, with at least 5 active support spells. (Huppermages have 20 Elemental Spells)

  • Elemental Spells are unlocked based on the level of the character, on character creation you are granted access to the first spell of each elemental branch, and unlock your 4th spell at level 3, and additional spells in rotating elements every other level after level 3. (i.e. spells are unlocked at levels 0,3,5,7,....23,25)
  • Active Support Spells are unlocked with your overall character level, each classes has 1 unlocked on character creation and gain access to other at levels 15, 30, 45, 60, and 90 if they have a 6th active spell.


All spells start at level 0, but can be gradually improved. As the level of a spell increases, its power and effectiveness also increase. This can mean increasing Range, Damage or other effects.

  • Elemental Spells are leveled simply through use in combat. As well as unlocking other spells, each spell-level increases that element's Mastery.
  • Active Support Spells only have 1 level but costs, range, or restrictions can usually be altered by equipping certain passive spells
  • You gain an average amount of spell EXP upon gaining levels.
    • 5 spells at lvl1  
    • 6 spells at lvl40 
    • 7 spells at lvl80  
    • 8 spells at lvl120  
    • 9 spells at lvl160 
    • 10 spells at lvl200 

Lists of class spells

For each class's list of class spells, see:

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