Souper-Glou is the ideal ingredient to assemble your item.You can get it as a reward for the level 141 to 155 Environmental Quests

In each zone, an archmonster from the family could also make an appearance! Unlike the two previous environmental quests, only the first players to find and destroy the archmonster will obtain its unique items.

A crucial piece of information: environmental quests are how players obtain "Souper-Glou". This new resource can only be obtained this way and is used in nearly all the recipes!

Available Souper-Glous

Item Level


Coarse Souper-Glou


Imperfect Souper-Glou.png

Imperfect Souper-Glou


Precious Souper-Glou.png

Precious Souper-Glou


Refined Souper-Glou.png

Refined Souper-Glou


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