Soul Shards is a tutorial quest given by Wolfram while doing the tutorial. It is required to complete the tutorial.


Collect the Soul Shards to form your soul and be able to incarnate into a true character.


  1. Harvest 3 Wodent Seeds
    • Right click a Wodent and select "Harvest Wodent Seeds"
  2. Plant 3 Wodent Seeds
    • Select the Wodent Seeds and plant them in a grassy area
  3. Defeat 3 members of the Wodent Family
  4. Distribute your Character Points
    • Click on the icon on the bottom of the screen shaped like a person and then click the character points tab at the bottom of the new page. To apply your character points be sure to press the check mark.
  5. Talk to Wolfram
  6. Collect 3 Crozolily Seeds
  7. Defeat the desciple in the Distance Dojo by placing yourself 2 cells away
  8. Defeat the desciple in the Elemental Dojo
  9. Defeat the desciple in the Butt-Kicking Dojo
    • Get behind the Wodent and attack
  10. Defeat the desciple in the Support Dojo
    • Heal the blob, the Wodent will not attack you
  11. Challenge and defeat the Garden's Guardian
  12. Equip the Thrashyr
    • Go to your inventory by pressing the "I" key or clicking the bag icon and double click items to equip.
  13. Defeat the Wodents to get the key to the Wodent Dungeon
    • Fight any Wodent to get the key
  14. Enter the Wodent Dungeon
    • Door will only open if you have a key
  15. Defeat the Dark Wodent in the last room of the Wodent Dungeon
  16. Ask Sokay for help with your incarnation


5-6 levels

Wodent Outfit

Dark Clothes




  • Can go through the Wodent Dungeon again to get more Dark Clothes
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