Spell Sac Solid as a RockSolid as a Rock

Class: Sacrier
Unlock level: 60
Type: Support

Element NeutralSmall
1Wakfu point

0Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Sacrier transforms into a real rock, an unmovable and unshakable rock. The Sacrier becomes Stabilized, immune to Stabilization, is more resistant to MP loss and gains an increase in Lock."
  • Is not in the Stabilized state
  • 3 turns cooldown


Spell Information

The Sacrier becomes stabilized and resistant to MP loss while also gaining Lock based on his level.

Sacrier Elemental Spells:
Spell Sac AssaultSpell Sac Light SpeedSacrier Spell Motion SicknessSpell Sac RejectattooSpell Sac Spiritual Tempest
Spell Sac ColonnadesSpell Sac InsanitySpell Sac Rocky FootSpell Sac Sacriers FistSpell Sac Smash
Spell Sac Blood RushSpell Sac Bloodthirsty FurySpell Sac Burning BloodSpell Sac Cage of BloodSpell Sac Punishment

Active Support Spells:
Spell Sac AttractionSpell Sac SacrificeSpell Sac Sanguine ArmorSpell Sac Transposition

Passive Support Spells:
Spell Sac AngrrrSpell Sac BerserkSpell Sac Blood PactSpell Sac CarrierSpell Sac Clinging to LifeSpell Sac MobilitySpell Sac MoribundSpell Sac Motion Sickness PassiveSpell Sac SmasherSpell Sac Strong BloodSpell Sac Tattooed BloodSpell Sac Transcendence

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