The Snapper Machine is a Token Machine that used to be found in Shady Gambling Joints at every Nation's first bridge. Dungeon token machines were removed in update 1.23.

This machine used Tokens from The Snaptrap.

Token Exchange

Amulet dia Reya 3 Snappken
Carpacap 3 Snappken
Izugg Boots 3 Snappken
Snapper Ring 3 Snappken
Izungryplate 5 Snappken
Black Zelmet 9 Snappken
Zobscure Cloak 9 Snappken
Black Zorpaulettes 9 Snappken
Black Breaztplate 9 Snappken
Black Necklace 9 Snappken
Black Zorboots 22 Snappken
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