Spell Sac SmashSmash

Class: Sacrier
Unlock level: 23
Type: Attack

Element EarthMedium
6Action point 1Wakfu point

1Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"A fearsome spell which enables the Sacrier to focus its strength into a violent attack which leaving enemies immune to healing. This spell also improves the Sacrier's Coagulation."
  • 1 use per turn


  • -7(175) HP Element EarthSmall
State Incurable


Lvl. 2-5

This state doesn't stack

The target gains a resistance to heals and HP gains.

-20(50)% Heals received and HP gained.


  • -8(218) HP Element EarthSmall
  • Incurable2(5)
  • Caster:
    • Coagulation37(75)
    • Transcendence14

Spell Information

Deals high Damage, builds Coagulation along with Transcendence, and hinders the target's ability to be healed.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage74991133175
Critical Damage861113166218
Incurable 12345

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