Spell Xelor SinistroSinistro

Class: Xelor
Unlock level: 10
Type: Summon

Element WaterMedium
4 Action point

1 - 3Range ModRange Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Xelor's canny Crobak/Clock hybird is capable of removing AP from its target."



The Sinistro has 3 charges instead of HP, each time it is hit and at the start of the Xelor's turn, it loses a charge.

The Sinistro has 3 AP, 0 MP, 0 WP, and uses the spell Frostbite with its level being the same the Sinistro spell's level.

The Sinistro has the Xelor's Water Damage% and benefits from the bonus damage from the hour cells on the Dial.

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