Gutted Plaza

  • Beachy Basement: Call a Dog emote, 5,1.
  • Water Shed: Scissors emote, 6, -2 (Difficult to find, on sand behind the left side of the workshop).
Gutted Plaza Secret

Beachy Basement


Fiery Walk

  • Paddling Pool: Sex Appeal emote, 11,-16
  • Draft Shaft: Thumbs Up emote, 13,-14
Fiery Walk Emotes

Fiery Walk Emotes

Fiery Walk, near long range weaponry
Fiery WalK

Unna Bridge

  • Starry Suite: Harp emote, 17,-16
  • Makra Lair: Think emote, 17,-20

Turfo Canyon

  • Be an Alchemist: be an alchemist emote, 6,-29

Terrana Dune

  • Peacemaker: calm down emote, 12,-5

Jumping Jungle

Secrets Sufokia Jumping Jungle
  • Ancient Shelter: Search emote, -11,-34

Jumping Jungle Location

Steamulating Shore (in Jumping Jungle, same as above)

  • Watery Cradle: Tickle emote, -10,-20
    Ss (2014-10-16 at 03.23.26)

    Third door, underneath staircase.


Warning: The following text is a spoiler, select it to read:*Beachy Basement:The entrance is behind the wall of the left entrance to the cooks.
  • Water shed: entrance behind handyman workshop.
  • Paddling Pool: The entrance is behind the left back wall of the Forge.
  • Draft Shaft: The entrance is behind the back wall of the Long distance weapons forge.
  • Starry Suite: The entrance is behind the back wall of the Tailor's Workshop.
  • Makra Lair: The entrance is behind the back wall of the Leather Shop.
  • Humid Hovel: The entrance is a door in the mountainside, on the southwest and lowest plateau. The chest containing the emote is inside.
  • Peacemaker: This hidden location is behind a large brown rock, directly to the south-west of the Area of Effect Weapons Forge. Almost exactly one screen down from the bend in the road at 11,-5.
  • Watery Cradle: There's a building built into a corner with three doors, the bottom door is where the chest is.
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