Soul's Crossing:

Say Hi : As you walk towards Crozolily Meadow, step on the cell to the right of the wheelbarrow and a hidden walkway will appear. Follow it to the chest. 

Yawn : Behind a wall with a bench in north east. Just move the mouse over until u get the action cursor over the chest.

Point : Activated by two players standing on the foot prints in north west. Players do not have to be in a party.

Laugh : This needs 3 people: 2 to activate the footprints and the third to open the chest. You can then switch placed. Players do not have to be in a party.

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Soul Crossing Emotes

Kanojedo :

Bow: Defeat 10 training dummies in west Kanojedo. You can kill the same one 10 times.

Applaud: You get this by fishing the Sturgeon here. There's 2 shoals and may require multiple attempts.

Crozolily Meadow

Read : In order to get this you need to spawn the Celestial Gobball (visit this link to learn how to do it). 

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