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This page lists all Secret Locations and its rewards found in the nation of Brakmar.


Secrets Brakmar Gnashville

Gobblard Boulevard

Secrets Brakmar Gobblard Boulevard

Just go to the red X

Mourning Wood

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Hop into the crater

Pabong Fields

Secrets Brakmar Pabong Fields

Scara Pass

Secrets Brakmar Scara Pass

Sidimote Moors

Secrets Brakmar Sidimote Moors
  • Brave Hearth (x=9, y=27): 1x Slap on the Back: Teaches the Slap on the back emote. (It's behind the staircase) The red mark at Chafers has been removed, don't waste your time there.

Martial Path

Secrets Brakmar Weapons Bridge
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