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This page lists all Secret Locations and its rewards found in the nation of Bonta.

5th Bond Avenue

Secrets Bonta 5th Bond Avenue
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Arms Way

Secrets Bonta Arms Way

Old Lair

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Boat house, go to the red circle behind the board

Pancake Bridge

Secrets Bonta Pancake Bridge

Forgotten Cave


Secrets Bonta Kara

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Cania Plains

Secrets Bonta Cania Plains
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Thicket of Yurbut

Thicket of Yurbut

Cania Swamps

Cania Swamps
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Behind the rock on the small island with two bridges.

Warning: The following text is a spoiler, select it to read:
  • Old Lair: Entrance is a set of wooden stairs at the end of the walk; you need to click on the steps; then click on the brown rock croping near to the diagonal right; you will see yourself in a transparent circle; then click on the lower space between the green wraped arch and the little green swirrly rock near it to run inside.
  • Boathouse: Entrance is behind the sign.
  • Deserted Mine: Entrance looks like stairs leading off the dock into the water near the wall on your right when you go down to the dock.
  • Doggon Ravine: Entrance looks like cliff edge just click on the rocks that look like they are leading down to the sea; a 1 square next to a partial square on its left.
  • Fetid Basin: Entrance is behind the striped rock cropping to the left of the mine entrance.
  • Misty Hall: Really tricky; you need to start along the left side of the house; go in about 2 squares then left towards the wooden crate on the left; Use this as your guide and head strait right towards the jewlers; If you get inside the back of the Jewlers you went to far by 1 or 2 squares; its not very deep.
  • Ghost Council: Use the 2 crates at the back of the house as a guide; move in to the back of the house and try clicking out by the open market behind in a semi diagonal line 1 square over.
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