Activating "show characters behind walls" will make finding these much easier. "A" is the default key on your keyboard.

Crusty Road

Secret Locations Crusty Road

Crusty Road

  • Diarrhea : 15, 0 (next to the boat, under the arch)
  • Wind : 14, 0 (behind the stone structure, and to the left)

Crusty Road secret place finding
Crusty Road secret place
As a player , you have to step on the red spot shown in this picture. You will get into a room. There's the chest!

Emote :

Wind emote

Crusty road wind emote
Crusty road wind emote 2

Fertile Prairie


  • Call a Cat: 15, -7 (behind the wooden structure)

Fertile prairie secret room

Emote :

Emote call a cat

Call a cat

Gobballfield Country

  • Ask for Help: 19, -2 (step on an invisible tile over the water)

Stepping on water

Ask for help room


Ask for help emotion

Ask for help emote

Swords Crossing

Secret Location Swords Crossing
  • Fever : 10, -12 (behind the structure and to the left)
  • Heads or Tails : 12, -14 (inside the hidden grate on the right side of the stairs)

Singing Fields


Singing Fields

  • Cover Your Ears : -5, -11 (might need to cut a Palmito, Lv. 40 lumberjack needed)

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Holey Forest


Holey Forest

  • Confession : 1, -21 (under the waterfall, and to the left)

Traff Algar Square

Secret Locations Traff Algar Square

Traff Algar Square

  • Whistle : -14, -12 (beside the structure to the left, and down the staircase)
  • Beg : -11, -15 (inside the hidden grate to the left of the path)




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