Saverne's ShotSaverne's Shot

Class: Sidekick
Monster:Cloud Knight
Type: Attack

Element AirMedium
3Action point 1Movement point

1 - 4 Range ModNo LoS
AoE:Single Cell

"With this magical shot, the Cloud Knight can use a violent wind to push the target in the same direction as the Knight is looking. So, if the Knight is looking left or right, the target will be pushed in that same direction. If the Knight is looking ahead or has turned around, the target will be pushed away or pulled toward the Knight respectively."


  • Icon Enemy-37 HP Element AirMedium
  • -37 HP ( Element FireMediumor Element WaterMedium orElement EarthMedium )
  • Pushes 1 cell in the Knight's direction

After Push: If Icon Caster 2nd - Fire:

  • -Icon Enemy -63 HP Element FireMediumArea Ring

If Icon Caster 2nd - Water:

  • -Icon Ally Heals 31 HP Element WaterMediumArea Cross

If Icon Caster 2nd - Earth:

  • -Icon Enemy -2 MP (160%)Area Ring
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