Sadida is one of the God's that rule the world of twelve. He is the God of nature and the forests. He and his deciples are servents of Black magic. Sadida created all the plants and Flora on the world of twelve.


Sadida was one of the first ten souls to ever enter the universe. These ten souls were the first ten God's. It unknown what Sadida did before the establishment of the world of twelve, but Sadida many things after which changed the world forever.

Creations of the dofus

When the world was fully established and live began to thrive, the God's realized that the planets magic wasn't balanced. So to fix that Osumodas offered that his dragons create dofus (dragon egg's) with the power to balance the planet, primordial dofus. The God's agreed, but there was one problem dragons only lay egg's when they fall in love. So Sadida create 10 doll's to seduce the 10 dragons.

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