Deusa sacrier

The goddess sacrier

Sacrier são humanóides com som de laranja, orelhas pontudas. Os machos são sem nariz e não têm scelera, enquanto que os machos têm um nariz mais humano. Não adianta tentar derrotar um discípulo de Sacrier em submissão - eles gostam muito! Nenhuma leva o lema "sem ganho, mais ganho" que os guerreiros. Feliz por assombrar as linhas de frente, pronto para tirar o primeiro sangue, são elas os aliados perfeitos para uma maior duração e implacáveis.

In fact, these berserkers only become more powerful with each blow from their enemy! You'll find these strange creatures right where the fighting rages and the blood flows... and this is the warrior comrade that just keeps giving and giving in those long, tiring battles.

Like all tough soldiers, they know how to enjoy themselves too, so if you can't find your finest warrior companion on the battlefield, have a look in the local tavern! Their weapon of choice is the sword.

Class spells

The class spells available to Sacrier disicples are (Common Spells not included):

ElementLevelIconSpell NameCostEffect
Element FireLarge
0Spell Sac Blood RushBlood Rush3Action pointDamages, Scalded

Icon Caster: Self harm, Flaming+6(93), Transcendence+6

3Spell Sac Bloodthirsty FuryBloodthirsty Fury1Action pointSelf target only: Damages with extra damage based on current HP%, increases damage of next fire attack, Transcendence+4
9 Spell Sac Burning BloodBurning Blood5Action pointArea Ring
: Damage, extra damage based on remaining MP, Scalded

Icon Caster: Self harm, Transcendence+10, Flaming4(125)

15Spell Sac Cage of BloodCage of Blood4Action pointSelf cast: Heals by consuming Transcendence

Else: Damage, Scalded, Prison of Blood, Self-harm and Flaming+6(93)

21 Spell Sac PunishmentPunishment5Action point
1Movement point
1Wakfu point
Damage, extra damage based on caster missing HP%

Icon Caster: Transcendence+12

Level Icon Spell Name Type Effect
Element AirLarge
0Spell Sac RejectattooRejectattoo3Action pointDamage, Push

Icon Caster: Transcendence+4

7Sacrier Spell Motion SicknessMotion Sickness1Action pointDamage, Motion Sick5(75)

Icon Caster: Transcendence+2

4Spell Sac AssaultAssault3Action pointDamage, Swaps places and turns towards caster

Icon Caster: Transcendence+6

7Spell Sac Spiritual TempestSpiritual Tempest4Action pointCast on Icon Enemy: Damage, consumes Motion Sick for AoE Damage

Cast on Icon Caster or Icon Ally: Consumes Transcendence for AoE Damage
, pushs if Transcendence>lv.75
10Spell Sac Light SpeedLight Speed2(7)Action point
1Wakfu point
Circle AoE
: Damage, Teleport
Icon Caster: +Dodge
Level Icon Spell Name Type Effect
Element EarthLarge
0Spell Sac Rocky FootRocky Foot3 Action pointDamage, -Dodge
Icon Caster: Coagulation15-37
Icon Caster: Transcendence+6
2Spell Sac Sacriers FistSacrier's Fist2Action pointDamage
Icon Caster: Coagulation10-25, +Lock
Icon Caster: Transcendence+4
4Spell Sac InsanityInsanity4Action pointCross AoE
: Damage
Icon Caster: +Lock, Coagulation20-50, Transcendence+8
7Spell Sac ColonnadesColonnades5Action pointIf cast on Icon Caster or Icon Ally:
Consumes Transcendence for Armor per Transcendence Lvl
Otherwise: Damage Area Circlering

Icon Caster: Coagulation25-62, Transcendence+10
10Spell Sac SmashSmash6Action point
1Movement point

Icon Caster: Coagulation30-75, Transcendence14

Level Icon Spell Name Cost Description
Element SupportLarge
Support Actives
0Spell Sac AttractionAttraction2Movement pointPull, Transcendence


Lvl. +4

State Stack

0-20%+Final Damage
15Spell Sac SacrificeSacrifice2Action point
1Wakfu point
Take damage for ally and swap places, Transcendence+2 per swap
30Spell Sac TranspositionTransposition3Action pointSwap Places with Ally or Enemy
Icon Caster: +Dodge, Transcendence


Lvl. +6

State Stack

0-20%+Final Damage
45Spell Sac Sanguine ArmorSanguine Armor1Wakfu pointTransfers HP to ally and gives armor, when cast on self it doubles Coagulation level and gives Lock
60Spell Sac Solid as a RockSolid as a Rock1Wakfu pointStablizes, +30% Resistance to MP loss, +Lock
Level Icon Spell Name Description
Element SupportLarge
Support Passives
0Spell Sac Strong BloodStrong Blood Regain WP by starting turns with less than 50% HP, locking, dodging, using movement spells, starting and ending turns with enemies in close combat
10/110Spell Sac AngrrrAngrrr +Damage inflicted% based on Angrr, Multi-Arm unlocked
20/120Spell Sac Tattooed BloodTattooed Blood +Max HP%, +Block%, -Range
30/130Spell Sac TranscendenceTranscendence Increasees Transcendence gains
40/140Spell Sac MobilityMobility -Elemental Resist, +MP, +Range, at level 2 Transposition cost 2 AP
50/150Spell Sac Blood PactBlood Pact +Max HP% per ally, +Coagulation gains, +Block%, -Range
60/160Spell Sac Motion Sickness PassiveMotion Sickness Element AirSmall Damage inflicts more damage to Stablized enemies, increases Motion Sick lvl from Motion Sickness (Spell), +Distance Mastery
70/170Spell Sac CarrierCarrier Decreases Coagulation gains, +Range, Element AirSmall spells no longer damage or apply Motion Sick to allies, at level 2 Rejectattoo can push in different directions and Assault no longer requires Line of Sight
80/180Spell Sac BerserkBerserk Increases Flaming gains from Element FireSmall spells, +Berserk Mastery, +Lock based on Angrr
90/190Spell Sac SmasherSmasher Decreases Coagulation gains, +Damage inflicted% on Element EarthSmall spells
100/200Spell Sac Clinging to LifeClinging to Life Applies Impending Death when KOed

Other features

  • Archetype: Berserker
  • Unique features: Angrrr
  • Strike Power: Good at first, but builds up to devastating levels when hit.
  • Team play: Good. Taking blows for the team, moving both allies and enemies.
  • Combat position: Front lines. Taking damage, and dealing damage.
  • Good targets: Slow moving mid-ranged attackers.
  • Bad targets: Fast moving ranged targets.

Spell-branch features

  • Air: Support branch. Helps team position better and deals great damage to single targets (Motion Sick > Assault x3). Light speed can deal a decent amount of damage to multiple targets as well.
  • Earth: Tanking branch. Generally lowest damage output with very situational AOE attacks, but has coagulation and Smasher which can make up for it. (Works well with sacrifice if there's enough AP to coagulate afterwards)
  • Fire: Damage dealing branch. Massive damage to both single targets and enemies in melee (locking) distance, however deals self-damage and will reduce frontline endurance.
  • Support: Position manipulation, protection for allies, and damage bonuses (Angrr/Moribund)


The Sacrier class of Wakfu originated from the first Ankama title Dofus, in which they were a zombie-esque character that gained strength the more they got hit.

Preview spells

Ankama previewed a small selection of spells during the initial design period of Wakfu. Though examples of the desired shape of the class, most of these spells didn't make it through to the current version without some alterations, if not being dropped all together.

Icon Name Element Short description
Preview Attraction Attraction  ?? This spell enables Sacriers to attract a character to them, either ally or an enemy
Preview SelfSacrifice Self-Sacrifice  ?? This spell enables Sacriers to sacrifice part of their life to inflict damage to all of the enemies around them.
Preview Domination Domination  ?? This spell enables Sacriers to immobilize an enemy thanks to their tattoo, but it also blocks their own movements. Their enemy can still attack and cast spells
Preview Cooperation Cooperation  ?? This spell enables Sacrier to switch places with that of an enemy


  • The Sacrier class's full name is "Sacrier's Blood"
  • Players often shorten "Sacrier" to "Sac" when referring to the class.
  • The Sacrier's name comes from a combination of sacrifice + crier.

Image Gallery

Sac pose

Sacrier in-game models

Sacrier Concept

Wakfu concept art for Sacrier class.

Sacrier DofusMale

Original Sacrier from Dofus

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