Rogue Spell RogueryRoguery

Class: Rogue
Unlock level: 2
Type: Damage, Positioning

Element AirMedium
2Movement point

2Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Rogue pulls his enemy one cell closer, before changing places with it and ending up behind its back."


  • Deal 4(20) Damage Element AirSmall
  • Pull the target
  • End up behind the target


  • Deal 6(30) Damage Element AirSmall
  • 1(100)% chance to inflict
State Confusion


Lvl. 1

This state doesn't stack

Changes the target's direction.

Turns targets gaze at end of turn
  • Pull the target
  • End up behind the target

Spell Information

Pulls the target by 1 cell and makes you jump to it's other side.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage48121620
Critical Damage612182430

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