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Rogue are pale skinned humanoids. They are a class that are experts in heroics, intelligence and cunning in equal measures. Masters of illusion and trickery, it’s no surprise that Rogues are criminal masterminds. They’re handy with bombs and are quick to blow a fuse, which explains why they tend to leave a trail of smoking craters behind them! For Rogues, trickery is a family affair, so if you dare lay a finger on one of their gang, you can bet that sparks will fly…

Champions as much as they are felons, the Rogues associate intelligence with cunning. Masters in the art of DIY, they use and abuse tools and gadgets to carry out their schemes.

Gameplay Book

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Class spells

The class spells available to members of the Rogue class are:

Element Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element EarthLarge
0 Rogue Spell Machine Gun Machine Gun 2Action point Damage
2 Rogue Spell Piercing Shot Piercing Shot 5Action point Damage, Reduce Resistance
4 Rogue Spell Cross Fire Cross Fire 3Action point Damage, Diagonal Cast Range
7 Rogue Spell BLAM!!! Blam!!! 4Action point
1Movement point
: Damage
10 Rogue Spell Pulsar Pulsar 1Wakfu point Convert unused AP&MP into Damage, ends turn
Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element AirLarge
0 Rogue Spell Slap Shot Slap Shot 2Action point Damage
2 Rogue Spell Roguery Roguery 2Movement point Damage, Pull, Teleport
4 Rogue Spell Boomerang Dagger Boomerang Dagger 4Action point
1Movement point
: Damage, No LoS
7 Rogue Spell Barbecued Ribs Barbecued Ribs 1Wakfu point Damage
10 Rogue Spell Longsword Longsword 6Action point Move Away, Line
: Damage, Push
Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element FireLarge
0 Rogue Spell Barbed Fire Barbed Fire 3Action point
1Movement point
Damage, Bomb Control
2 Rogue Spell Burning Bomb Burning Bomb 4Action point Square
: Damage, Burning
State Burning


Lvl. 1-100

State Stack

Burning inflicts fire damage at the end of the target's turn.

-2(27) HP at end of turn Template:I efs
4 Rogue Spell Blaze Megabomb 5Action point
1Movement point
: Damage, -MP
7 Rogue Spell Blinding Bomb Blinding Bomb 3Action point Square
: Damage, Blindness
State Blindness


Lvl. 1

This state doesn't stack

Blindness considerably reduces the target's range.

-20 Range
10 Rogue Spell Flaming Claw Flaming Claw 3Action point Damage, Move Towards
Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element SupportLarge
1 Rogue Spell Hotwire Fusillade 3(0)Action point
1Wakfu point
Doubles AP for the current turn, but loses all MP and can only cast earth spells. Doubles MP next turn, but loses all AP.
Rogue Spell Bomber Fan Bomber Fan Passive +Bomb Damage%, +Bomb Damage Res%, +Control, AP gain when bombs explode
2 Rogue Spell Detonator Detonator 1Action point +Bomb Damage%, -Charge
Rogue Spell Surprise Shot Surprise Shot Passive Chance for additional damage on Element EarthSmall Shots
4 Rogue Spell Magnetic Claw Magnetic Claw 4(0)Action point Bomb relocating, Push / Pull
Rogue Spell Air Master Initiator Passive  % of Initiative as Damage bonus
5 Rogue Spell Boombot Boombot 5(2)Action point
1Wakfu point
A summon which relocates the bombs and controls their explosion time.
Rogue Spell Runaway Runaway Passive Positioning
6 Rogue Spell Smoke Smoke 1Wakfu point Protects agains distance damage, Rogue does not block LoS. -4 range next turn.
Rogue Spell Rogue Master Rogue Master Passive +Initiative, Chance of Action point gain on Element AirSmall spells.

Other features

  • Archetype: Bomber, Dandy Highwayman
  • Unique features: Bombs
  • Strike Power: Slow to set up, but can damage a large area easily and which each turn can cover more of it.
  • Team play: Bombs can hit allies, but most of Rogue's move effects do not work on them. Can re-position enemies to his allies' advantage.
  • Combat position: Flanking - setting up explosions to damage enemies.
Front Guard - maintaining FireWall and keeping his allies safe behind it.
  • Good targets: Melee targets.
  • Bad targets: Ranged targets.

Spell-branch features

  • Air: Multiple angles of attacks. Relies mostly on positioning.
  • Fire: Placing the bombs, maintaining the FireWall.
  • Earth: Ranged, mostly single target attacks that can be changed to an extended Fire branch.
  • Support: Mostly Bomb enhancement and placement, but offers bonus shots and moving enemies around.


The Rogue class of Wakfu was added to the game at approximately the same time as it was added to Dofus and Dofus Arena.


  • The Rogue class's full name is "The Rogue Ruse"
  • There was a brief period of time when the name shown on the character creation screen was "Rogue Mystique"
  • Rogues gain their class powers from the god Sram.
  • Rogues are a player class based on a pre-existing monster group from Dofus, who also appeared in the Wakfu cartoon.
  • The International Server, Remington, is named after a Rogue character from the Wakfu cartoon.

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