Reinette Hairs
Lvl. 35

Dropped Resource

Tradeable Icon
Reinette Hairs

"Despite its coarseness and its curly appearance, this really is a hair."


Dropped By

Craft Usage

Image Item Profession Lvl Recipe

Nine Tails

Nine Tails

Close Combat Weapons Master


Crackling Powder Crackling Powder x9
Bell Bell x13
Reinette Hairs Reinette Hairs x31
Prespic Paw Prespic Paw x23
Sharpened Point Sharpened Point x15

Precision Cards

Precision Cards

Long Distance Weapons Master


Prespic Peak Prespic Peak x15
Blibli Hairs Blibli Hairs x15
Reinette Hairs Reinette Hairs x1
Plank of Birch Wood Plank of Birch Wood x4
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