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Temperature reaction
Temperature Hot 20° Temperature Extra Hot 35°
Temperature Happy -10° to 20°
Temperature Humid
Temperature Cold -10° Temperature Extra Cold -25°

Reed is a harvestable plant for herbalists. You can gather Reed Seed and Reed Stem from it.

Reed can only be planted close to water, or bridge cities. Reed (re)growth time: 10 minutes at -10 to 20 temperature.


It can be found/planted in:


Location Chance to grow seeds
Holey Forest 40%
Singing Fields 80%
Fertile Prairie 85%


Location Chance to grow seeds
Kara 100%
Cania Plains 85%
Cania Swamps 75%
Thicket of Yurbut 70%


Location Chance to grow seeds
Terrana Dune ?

Shhhudoku's Kingdom

Location Chance to grow seeds
Lullaby Village 70%

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