Rebound spells initially affect a single target, but will then continue on to affect additional targets one after the other. The effect will pass to another target depending on a set of rules, though no target can be struck more than once within one spell's rebound. The impact of the spell on each target is usually reduced by a final% amount depending on the spell.


When determining which target will be hit next from a spell with rebounding effects a set of rules are applied:

  1. Closest enemy in line of sight of the previous target
  2. The enemy with the lowest absolute hp (not HP%)
  3. The enemy that entered the fight the earliest


CraElement EarthMediumPiercing ArrowDamage
EcaflipElement AirMediumDie AlrightDamage
EniripsaElement AirMediumInvigorating WordHeal
FoggernautElement FireMediumBlazing FireDamage

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