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Range determines the targeting distance for a spell or attack. An action will have a minimum and a maximum Range. You cannot directly target someone who is closer than the minimum range of a spell, or further than the maximum range.

Each point of Range is equal to one step on the combat grid. So adjacent Cells are counted as nearer than corner Cells.


Common Ranges

  • 0-0. This spell can only be cast on the person who is casting it.
  • 1-1. This spell can only be cast on a creature adjacent to the caster.

Altering Range

A number of spells, and effects, can alter a caster's Range Bonus Characteristic. This bonus, or penalty (if it's negative), is applied directly to the target, so anything they use may be effected by it. Not all spells will be effected by this, with some having a fixed and unalterable range instead (whether a spell has a fixed range, is specific to each spell).

Class Spell Effect
Cra Element FireSmall.png Blinding Arrow Blindness
Element NeutralSmall.png Heightened Vision +Range
Element NeutralSmall.png Bat's Eye -Range
Iop Element FireSmall.png Judgment Blindness
Rogue Element FireSmall.png Blinding Bomb Blindness
State Effect
Blindness Max Range is reduced to Minimum Range


  • "Range" is often shortened to "Ra".
  • A range of 0-0 is often just written as 0, or "self-only"
  • A range of 1-1 is often just written as 1, or "melee"
  • A range with only a single digit, e.g. "2", "3", means that both the minimum and maximum range values are that value.