Spell Eni PsykoFlaskPsykosis Flask

Class: Eniripsa
Unlock level: 7
Type: Attack

Element AirMedium
3Action point

1 - 3Range ModRange Icon

AoE:1 Cell Cross
"Concocted using Lugie Mushrooms, this flask reduces the target's offensive potential."



  • -3(78) HP Element AirSmall
  • Natural: Icon Caster Propagator+30
  • Unnatural Remedies: Consumes 80 Propagtor:
    • Psykosis10(20)

Spell Information

This spell causes damage by spending both AP and MP. When released by Unnatural Remedies it reduces the target's Damage for a turn.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage318334863
Critical Damage322416078
Psykosis Level 1012151720


  • The word "Psykosis" is literally derived from "Psychosis". Psychosis is a mentally ill condition in which the 'psychopath' lose contact with reality. Simply put, Psychosis is easily defined as "ridiculously delusional".

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