Spell Eliotrope PreventionPrevention

Class: Eliotrope
Unlock level: 5

Element NeutralSmall
6(4)Action point

0-2(4)Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"This spell prevents the Eliotrope from being K.O. if he casts it at the right moment. He can also use it to save an ally."


  • If target is the Eliotrope
    • If he gets K.O. during the turn:
      • Revives the Eliotrope
      • Heals 0(20)% HP max
      • Can no longer be revived
  • If not, if the target is an ally:
    • If the ally is K.O.:
      • Revives the ally
      • Heals 0(20)% HP caster's max
      • Can no longer be revived
    • If the ally is still alive:
      • Heals 0(30)% of caster's current HP
      • Can no longer be revived

Spell Information

Spell Progression

AP cost654
Max Range234
HP% revived2468101214161820
HP% heals36912151821242730

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