Precision Gradon


Lvl. 50


Untradeable Icon
Precision Gradon

"A little Gradon, capable of flying over small cliffs, swept by the Stasified winds."

When Equipped:

  • 40 Single Target Mastery
  • +50% movement speed

Go up a grade with the new Gradon mount and its Sand Gradon harness! Starting today, this plump little dragon will be permanently available in your shop. You can also take advantage of an additional 50% movement speed bonus for any new mount purchased!

Perched atop this mount, you can fly off for a unique adventure on the back of your dragon (of course, when we say "fly", we mean it more as a turn of phrase. For it to actually be able to get off the ground, the Gradon would need to lay off the traditional Kwismas pudding and Stuffed Dragoturkey...)


When petsmounts are healed, they do not gain XP. Healing items do not count as food either, so you always need to feed your pets after healing them (if you haven't fed them yet). You can feed them multiple healing items, until they're max health. Petsmounts can be healed by feeding them:


A petsmount needs to be fed at least once every 72 hours. If 3 days pass without feeding, if you give it unsuited food or if you lose a battle, your petsmount loses 1 HP.

It eats: Unknown

Customizing your Precision Gradon

Precision Gradon Harnesses:

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