Precision Drheller
Lvl. 50


This item cannot be traded
Precision Drheller.png

"A Drheller trained to fight against a single enemy."

When Equipped:

  • 40 Single Target Mastery
  • +50% movement speed

Fully financing an animation project without compromise is a real struggle. We like our freedom and independence. Finding the right partners, discussing with them, trying to convince them and tempering the changes they would like to make takes time. On the other hand, we do have one solid pillar: Our community. You like what we do, the way we do it, and we already have your support. Who better to form a partnership with than you?

We thought about offering you some new items, including physical packs, in-game packs, bonus videos and more! What if we could use this exclusive content to finance our latest ambitions for Wakfu season 3?


The Precision Drheller is available in the Week 1 Pack and the Week 2 Pack in the online Boutique. It is also possible to buy it separately.After you have clicked on the Week Pack option, you can choose whether you want a Destruction Drheller, Precision Drheller, Long-Range Drheller or Melee Drheller.

Week 1 Pack.png


When petsmounts are healed, they do not gain XP. Healing items do not count as food either, so you always need to feed your pets after healing them (if you haven't fed them yet). You can feed them multiple healing items, until they're max health. Petsmounts can be healed by feeding them:


A petsmount needs to be fed at least once every 72 hours. If 3 days pass without feeding, if you give it unsuited food or if you lose a battle, your petsmount loses 1 HP.

It eats:

Customizing your Precision Drheller

Precision Drheller Harnesses:

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