Precious Sparkling Powder
Lvl. 155


This item can be traded
Precious Sparkling Powder.png

"These powders are produced by recycling items. They are used to create new items, or to produce forgemagic runes, allowing you to increase items' power."

Craft Usage

Image Item Profession Lvl Recipe

Barrelhammer (Rare).png

Barrelhammer (Mythical)

Area of Effect Weapons Master


Drainacask Tail.png Drainacask Tail x2
Sakura Wood.png Sakura Wood x1
Precious Sparkling Powder.png Precious Sparkling Powder x42
Red Fabric.png Red Fabric x16
Vine Leaf.png Vine Leaf x2
Precious Essence.png Precious Essence x7
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