Precious Souper-Glou
Lvl. 90


Tradeable Icon
Precious Souper-Glou

"Souper-Glou is the ideal ingredient to assemble your items. You can get it as a reward for the level 141 to 155 Environmental Quests."


Dropped By

  • Wipley the Suwvivow 100%
  • Raval Disciple 100%
  • Sir Urh the Recluse 100%
  • Sweepney the Chim 100%
  • Komrad the Sharer 100%
  • Igow the Whipping Boy 100%
  • The Dawk Knight 100%
  • Siege Mechabra 10%
  • Siege Mechanistro 10%
  • Siege Mechrobak 10%
  • Siege Mechazerker 10%
  • Invasive Victus 10%
  • Ocushu 10%

Craft Usage

Image Item Profession Lvl Recipe

Barrelhammer (Legendary)

Barrelhammer (Legendary)

Area of Effect Weapons Master


Drainacask Tail Drainacask Tail x6
Sakura Wood Sakura Wood x8
Precious Handle Precious Handle x38
Red Fabric Red Fabric x76
Vine Leaf Vine Leaf x8
Precious Perfect Powder Precious Perfect Powder x105

Barrelhammer (Rare)

Barrelhammer (Mythical)

Area of Effect Weapons Master


Drainacask Tail Drainacask Tail x2
Sakura Wood Sakura Wood x1
Precious Sparkling Powder Precious Sparkling Powder x42
Red Fabric Red Fabric x16
Vine Leaf Vine Leaf x2
Precious Essence Precious Essence x7
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