Osamodas Spell PossessionPossession

Class: Osamodas
Unlock level: 5
Type: Support

Element NeutralSmall
6(1) Action point

1-2(5) Range ModRange Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"With Possession, the Osamodas can take control of one of his Summons. During this time, his own body will remain motionless."
  • Cast only in Line of sight until max level
  • Caster must have a Summon in play
  • Cannot be used on Gobgob

Takes control of the creature
Osamodas Disembodied:

  • Misses a turn

Spell Information

Gives the caster direct control over their pet, at the cost of control over their own body. When the ability is cast your turn will end.

Spell Progression

AP cost6554433221
Max range1122334455

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