Spell Eliotrope PortalPortal

Class: Eliotrope
Unlock level: 1
Type: Glyph

Element NeutralSmall
2Action point

0 - 4Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Portal is at the heart of the Eliotrope's game mechanics. With this spell, he can place a Portal, remove one, or teleport an ally to the nearest Portal. The spell consumes one Portal Charge."


  • On Portal:
    • Removes Portal (with no limit to range or line of sight)
  • On cell:
    • Places Portal

Spell Information

  • All players (allies and opponents) can teleport two portals of the same team.
  • To move from one portal to another, you just have to be on a portal and click on the desired destination portal.
  • The cost of the movement is 1Movement point
  • If the movement is greater than 5 cells, the target will suffer
Long Teleportation

Long Teleportation

Lvl. ?

This state doesn't stack

-20% final Damage
-20% final Resist.
for the turn.
  • Some Eliotrope spell can pass through portals.
  • In case, if Eliotrope has an entry portal within range of the selected spell, the spell's initial range is also applied around the exit portal. So, all he has to do is select the he wants to hit to reach him.

Spell Progression

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