Pony Costume
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Pony Costume

"A perfect costume for those who have always dreamed of turning into a rainbow Unikron pony..."

Until March 12th, we're giving you the chance to jump into the skin of a legendary and colorful, to say the least, creature. That’s right, you’ll actually be getting a Pony Costume when you purchase a pack of 11,000 (based on community) or more Ogrines! Don't miss out!

Psssst... Come and see... An enchanting creature has just slipped into the packs of Ogrines. Despite its hooves, it's wafted into the Shop with all the delicacy of a spring breeze... What's more, you definitely didn't see it coming! Right?

This strange animal has featured in a number of legends and nobody's quite sure where it comes from. Some believe it's a result of cross-breeding between a Royal Rainbow Blop and a Domoizelle, back in the the Dofus Era. Others say it's the genetic mutation of a slightly odd Bowmeowmallow who dreamed of one day being able to gallop and fly...

It doesn't matter either way, since neither of these theories is true. In fact, it's a new Pony Costume that's currently being given away for free in packs of Ogrines!

Its beautifully rainbow-colored mane will really bring out your skin tone and the flick of its tail will entrance anyone who's walking behind you. As for its imposing horn, it might lead you into an unexpected, but beautiful love story with a Royal Blibli (or any other animal with an equally visible appendage).


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