Politics plays a role within the game of Wakfu. The are current four Nations, every two weeks there is an Election where a Governor is chosen solely by the players. The main role of a Governor is to change Laws pick members of the government and handle International Relations. Items such as Laws can impact many aspects of the game for example making other nation Outlaws so the position of Governor should not be taken likely.

The Economy is purely player driven creating its own supply and demand which pushes prices up and down at various times. In general the longer and item has been available the lower its price. Also the newer an item the higher its price for example the first item of its kind may be worth signification more then the second. There are of course exceptions to these general rules such as item that is very hard to acquire it will in theory always keep a high price. The main place players sell their items, equipment is at the Auction Houses or within their haven bag set up as a merchant. The only currency in the game is Kamas.

Political & Economy consist of many elements.

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