This article contains content that has been removed from the game as of patch 1.42 "All Hands to Kelba" and is only kept for historical purposes.
State Pinned Down

Pinned Down

Lvl. 1-100
This state doesn't stack

Your target is so riddled with arrows that it's been pinned to the ground, causing it to lose mobility.

  • Actives Riddled stacks
  • -1 MP 4(100)%
  • -1 MP 4(100)%
  • -1 MP 4(100)%
  • -1 MP 4(100)%

Pinned Down is a State, without stacking.

Pinned Down Effect

Removes 1 to 4 MP Movement point at a 4 to 100% chance depending on how many riddled stacks are on the target. Each Riddled stack is a 4% chance to remove a MP.

Level of Riddled1102030405060708090100
# of MP lost11122233444
%Chance to lose last MP44080206010040802060100


Class Spell
CraElement NeutralSmallUnbeacon
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