Phullup is the Clan Member of Mourning Wood, in Brakmar.

He teaches the Lumberjack profession.

Phullup's Sheet:
CM Phullup
Sex:At rest
Height:10 Cuttings
Weight:Less than a Pine
Place of Birth:In a cat's cradle
Hobby:Seeing the wood of trees
Hates:Falling asleep
Speciality:Silent Nights


Will Bonus

Being a Clan Member, Phullup has his own will, if respected, the following Bonus will be available in his zone, the Mourning Forest.

ClanMemberMoodHappy+20% DamageElement EarthSmall
ClanMemberMoodNeutral +10% DamageElement EarthSmall
ClanMemberMoodSadNo Bonus

Phullup's Will

To respect Phullup's will, certain monsters and resources must respect these parameters.

Phullup's will:
Icon Wild Plant: 190 to 550Icon Tree: 550 to 920
Icon Strich: 300 to 500


Phullup: "Hey bud! What do I owe this interruption to, eh? I was meditating!"

  • "I'd like to learn the lumberjack profession"

Phullup: "Here's a Book which'll teach you the basics of being a lumberjack, give it a read and the come back to see me."

  • "There are loads of people here, is something special going on?

'Phullup:' "Something really special, yeah! After my meditation sessions, I propose challenges to the citzens of Brakmar.

  • "Ahh, so that's what it was... thanks." -Ends Chat-
  • "Challenges? What do you mean?"

Phullup: "They're favors, things that people do for me. The most useful ones are rewarded. They get free stuff and I can meditate in peace, everybody wins."

  • "That's interesting. Goodbye." -Ends Chat-
  • "And does the Governor know this sort of thing goes on?"

Phullup: "Of course he knows! Inf fact, he's the one that comes to order them from me! It's up to you to make the right choice of governor if you want to be able to find work. Now clear off, I have a meditation waiting."

  • "Thanks for the info. Bye."

  • Sorry about the noise, I'm just passing through. -Ends Chat-

Profession Tests


Correct Answers:

1. Q: A lumberjack doesn't chop down trees with his fingernails, you know. What will you need to make it through the long days? A: An axe.

2. Q: What should a lumberjack plant to grow trees?

A: Cuttings.

3. Q: Apart from chopping wood, what else will you be able to do with a tree?

A: Prune the cuttings.

4. Q: Once I've harvested my wood, what do I have to use to turn it into planks?

A: A Sawmill.

5. Q: Which artisans use planks of wood?

A: Handymen.

6. Q: Can you plant trees anywhere you like?

A: No, only in certain special soils.

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