Spell Enu PhoneAFrhendPhone a Frhend

Class: Enutrof
Unlock level: 1
Type: Summon

Element NeutralSmall
1 Wakfu point

1-1(3)Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Enutrof summons a little Drheller to dig up the earth. His agility and power will depend on the spell's level!"


Spell Information

Summons a Drheller in an empty cell.

Spell Progression

Max Range1111222333
HP of Summon4%8%12%16%20%24%28%32%36%40%


0 Young Drheller 5 1
2 Immature Drheller 6 2
4 Adult Drheller 7 3
6 Mature Drheller 8 4
9 Ancestral Drheller 9 5

Drhellers are directly controllable. The basic spell allows them to dig for Mines, which can further aid the Enutrof's power. The spell Combat Training has to be levelled in order to unlock the Drheller's attacks, and the Drhellzerker spell allows the Enutrof to merge with their Drheller for a direct boost in combat strength.


  • The Phone a Frhend level has a direct influence on the amount of levels of Furzerker, and thus how much +Damage, you gain every time you take a step in Drhellzerker state. At level 9 taking 2 steps is enough to give the maximum 150% damage boost.
  • Phone a Frhend is NOT affected by Command, and will not allow you to summon more than 1 Drheller. This includes if you are under the Drhellzerker state or not. (Meaning if you have already fused, you still may not summon another Drheller.)

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