State Out of Sync

Out of Sync

Lvl. 1-200
This state doesn't stack
  • You're out of sync with your target:
    • -1 lvl. Out of Sync per AP/MP used for an attack
  • If Out of Sync disappears during turn:
    • -500 HP
  • End of turn:

Out of Sync is a State, without stacking.

Out of Sync effect

This state is given when a player attacks a Bilbiboy/girl. They are given the same amount of stacks as the Bilbiboy/girl had Don't Lose the Beat!. To succesfully get the You Got the Beat! buff and to not get damaged you must hit the Bilbiboy/girl with spell untill you end up with just 1 stack of Out of Sync. For each AP and MP you use to cast your spells to attack 1 stack of Out of Sync is removed from you.


Attcking a fighter with the Don't Lose the Beat! state

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