Ouginak is a dog-like God in the World of Twelve, as well as the name of his followers. He is a violent hunter and tracker, known to be demanding of his followers, showing contempt for any who display weakness. His status in the pantheon is vague, with mentions of Ouginak and Ecaflip being "two sides of the same coin" while also being distinct. Their respective disciples, however, have little affinity: Ouginaks claim that Ecaflip does not exist and his worshippers are in denial of Ouginak's existence, while many Ecaflips see Ouginaks as uncivilized.

Titles: The Black Watchdog; The Leader of the Pack; The Divine Bloodhound; The Pitiless

Divine attritbutes and symbols: Marrow Bone, Spiked Collar

"[Ouginaks] are the spitting image of their god. The spitting, snarling, fang-bearing image... Unlike Ecaflip, Ouginak is a violent, demanding master, who is not gentle with his followers. He detests weakness and pity; he's as feared as he is worshipped. The tests that the followers of the Black Watchdog must pass make the worst punishments inflicted in the Brakmarian prisons seem like a vacation on the beaches of Vulkania. And yet... everything suggests that Ouginak and Ecaflip are simply two sides of the same single coin; an unbearable paradox that's caused a lot of teeth-grinding in Ingloriom."

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